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Who I am

I am a Visual Basic developer.  I have been writing VB 6 for better than 5 years.  Before writing software I worked on 2 way commercial radio equipment.  Being that I am a VB developer it is natural to assume that I am also a RAD (Rapid Application Development) developer.  My approach is to build what you need and build it quickly.

What I can Do for you

I write custom applications for your custom needs.  My tools of choice are VB 6, Interdev and Microsoft SQL server.  I have my own tools and network so I can build your application at my location or yours.  Although I have not used .Net yet I have been to some seminars and look forward to developing with it  in the near future.  I am also familiar with C and C++, but I can not claim to develop with them yet. I will  learn your business processes and build an application for it.  Why should you have to change your business practices to conform to an off the shelf application, it is not necessary.  When I write an application for you, you own it there is no on going subscription that you must maintain.  You own the source code and the data.

My Mission

I want to make the process of building a custom application for my clients as quick and painless a possible.  I strive maintain excellence and flexibility while still achieving the end goal quickly.

Contact Information

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Postal address
P.O. Box 391 Alvin Tx. 77512-0391
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